OCA Membership

Please fill in the form below to join OCA for the 2019/2020 season.  Membership fees are due after tryout results are released and before the deadline stated below.  The OCA membership fee includes:

  • OCA Team T-Shirt 

  • OCA Competition Bow

  • Team Music & Choreo

  • Team Insurance


Membership fees for the 2018/2019 season are:

  • OCA Team Membership - £29

All members of competition teams are expected to attend the 2 OCA Showcases and 3 ICE competitions throughout the year - please check dates

2019 / 2020 OCA Membership Deadline - 01/08/2019

Cheerleader Information


1 - 

I wish to accept the following teams for the 2019/2020 OCA season - please include stunt groups & dance teams.

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3 - 

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Please copy these from your OCA Tryout Results Form

Please insert international team placements here

(Only for cheerleaders who tried out for international)

Parent / Guardian Information

Please note:

  • The email address below should be checked weekly for updates in training, competitions and news. 

  • The primary & secondary phone numbers provided will receive text updates.

Emergency Contact Information

Please note:

  • The details below can be the same as above or additional contact details.

  • Emergency contacts must be contactable during training times.

  • Second phone number for each contact is optional.

Medical Information

Please detail below any medical information you wish OCA to have.  Please include any long term injuries or current medications being taken.  Note all information will remain confidential and will only be shared with OCA coaches involved with the athlete.  If no information needed please fill in with N/A.


I (Parent / Guardian) have read and understand the OCA Code Of Conduct and associated policies listed in the document.  I understand that the information provided above will remain confidential within OCA and will not be shared with any third parties.  

I (Parent / Guardian) understand that cheerleading has associated risks and that OCA have the appropriate control measures, equipment and safeguards in place.  Risk assessments are available for all activities on request.  
I (Parent / Guardian) understand cheerleaders on competition teams are expected to compete for OCA at the outlined competitions and showcases stated in the tryout pack.  Entry deadlines for all competitions must also be met.

Contact Preferences

For 2019/2020 OCA will be using a number of different communication methods.  This includes using WhatsApp and Messenger groups to contact the parents/guardians of a specific team.  Please fill in and select as many as you can below to make sure you stay right up to date with OCA.  All information will go out on all the platforms below and via email:


I consent for OCA to contact me via WhatsApp and add me into appropriate OCA conversations/groups:  


I can be added/contacted on WhatsApp on the following number:

Facebook Messenger:

I consent for OCA to contact me via Facebook Messenger and add me into appropriate OCA conversations/groups:  

Please add Olivia-Alex Osprey-Coach as a Friend on Facebook.

Email / Phone / Text Message:

I consent for OCA to contact me using the email addresses and phone numbers listed above in relation to OCA news, training updated and reminders:

OCA Code Of Conduct 2019/2020

OCA Try Out Pack 2019/2020

When paying your 2019/2020 OCA Membership Fee (£29) please use the following payment reference:          

MEM(Cheerleaders Initials)19

Example: MEMAL19

Account Number - 04999412

Sort Code - 09 - 01-  29

I (Parent / Guardian) understand that as part of a competitive cheerleading team my cheerleader needs to attend training every week and in line with the OCA attendance policy available in the OCA Code Of Conduct.  Failure to comply with the attendance policy may result in my cheerleader being moved teams or in extreme cases not allowed to compete.
I (Cheerleader) have read and understand what is expected of me as part of OCA as outlined in the OCA Cheerleader Code of Conduct

When paying your 2019/2020 OCA Membership Fee (£29) please use the following payment reference:  

MEM(Cheerleaders Initials)19

Example: MEMAL19